1912 Henderson Motorcycle Restoration

This beautiful machine is a 1913 Henderson Long Tank. The project involved extensive sourcing by 4th Coast Fours to find as many original parts as possible. Many of the parts required some sort of maching or fabrication by Fockler Industries to bring them back to their original glory.

All of parts for this bike needed to fit, because it will be participating in the infamous Cannonball Run.  A coast to coast motorcycle race for pre 1930 motorcycles. Learn more about how this bike did in 2016 Cannonball Run.

Below you will find a brief summary of the restoration work done for this 1912 Henderson

  • Retrofit front wheels to provide ample power to the brakes. Custom spacers were needed for the front axles and front fork rockers, and finally the brake lever was modified to fit the braking system.
  • Engine repair including: engine case repair, intake manifold restoration, and adjustable mag-timing drive.
  • Chassis needed new clutch linkage.  All new pieces were made out of new material.
  • New foot pedals were machined, along with new brake linkage.
  • Removable floorboards were fabricated so we didn't have to modify the frame of the original bike.
  • A slightly modified forward seat bridge mount was made to allow for a more comfortable ride.

What made this project great was bringing a piece of history back to life. It takes great vision to look beyond the rust and neglect that most of these classic bikes have experienced. Now this classic Henderson is read to travel from the east coast to the west in one of the most prestigious races in the country.

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