1927 Ace Engine Case Repair

This 1927 Ace Motorcycle engine was sourced from a family in Japan. It was originally a police motorcycle, but when WWII came around metal was being melted down and used in the war effort. The family decided to hide the bike by burying it in the ground to prevent it from being used as scrap metal. This amazing piece of history was sent to 4th Coast Fours and will be brought back to life as a new restoration project.

Fockler Industries began the restoration work by cutting out all of the old welds. Next they reverse engineered the original engine case. A solid block of 6061 T6 Aluminum was acquired for the new half of the engine. Finally, all of the welds were blended in for a smooth finish and a new coat of paint made this engine case ready for the showroom.

All we had to begin the project was a very rough sample of the case. We took our dimensions, reverse engineered and soon we had a new engine case ready to hit the road. Another great collaboration project between Fockler Industries and 4th Coast Fours.

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