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Henderson Engine Case Restoration 1918

The original deck on this 1918 Henderson engine case was machined too thin and the upper case deck needed to be replaced To begin, we cut out the original engine case deck, and reverse engineered the parts. We took our measurements, created some CAD Drawings, and were now ready to begin the machining and fabrication. We…
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Henderson Engine Case Restoration 1917

This 1917 Henderson Motorcycle engine needed the engine case restored. This engine case is for the earliest 3 speed known to date. Prior to 1917, all Henderson engines were 1 speed. 1917 was the first year of the 3-speed transmission. A lot of torch repair was done on the transmission. The transmission was too badly…
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Fabricated Presses From Sample

These 2lb and 3lb forms are used for packaging cheese. Our clients didn't have a drawing for the part, so we reverse engineered from a sample they brought us. We started with seamless stainless steel pipe. A variety of different parts were then laser cut and welded together. We then machined a cap and sleeve for…
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